Gisele Bundchen Fights Negativity

Getty Images

Gisele Bundchen is fighting away the negative thoughts. For the newest Under Armour commercial, supermodel Gisele was chosen as the athlete of choice.

When the announcement was initially made, many took to social media to express that being a model did not make her an athlete.

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Under Armour responded with this ad showing Gisele punching the critical tweets away. With phrases like "Gisele is not an athlete" and "stick to modeling sweetie" behind her, Gisele proves that she can definitely box.

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Traditionally known for its masculine commercials, the brand is now targeting women and making them feel empowered with campaigns like this one. "I will what I want" is the slogan for these ads. Recently, their ad with dancer Misty Copeland went viral with 4 million views on YouTube in its first week. The ad shows a ballerina getting a rejection letter, but she does not let that stop her from leaping in the air.

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These ads are not only empowering women but fighting stereotypes for female athletes.

Watch Gisele's fashion time warp below.