Nick Jonas Strips at a Gay Club

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Nick Jonas recently turned his career solo, and he's out promoting his music in new ways.

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Jonas went to BPM, a New York gay club, last night and showed off more than his new new song "Jealous."

A fan captured the great moments from last night.

First, here's a snippet of his song "Jealous."

After taking off his suit jacket, Nick opened his shirt to show off those abs.

It was then that he showed off his "fighting skills" and flexed.

The singer did leave his pants on and his shirt around his shoulders. His body is something he is not ashamed of as he shared a shirtless selfie that went viral just last year.

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The music video for "Jealous" premieres on September 16. Recently, Nick also released his single "Chains" in July.

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Nick's new album is set to be released in November.

Watch Nick's brothers Joe and Kevin talk life after fame in the video below.