Kristen Wiig and Ellen Sing 'Let It Go'


The "Let It Go" song from Frozen has many different versions but not one like this!

Leave it to actress Kristen Wiig and talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres to take the song on for the first time together and make it sound like you're at a karaoke bar with them. Wiig appeared for her first time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, and she was up for the duet. Claiming that they were both unfamiliar with the song, their comedic performance is both raw-seeming and funny.

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At one point, Wiig even stops to make a side note, "Kids don't what fractals are."

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Wiig did not just sing on the show though. She spilled to DeGeneres that there will not be a sequel to her Bridesmaids comedy.

DeGeneres tells Wiig that since she wrote Bridesmaids, she should write another one, but Wiig responds with, "Yes. We were not planning on .. we are writing something else. That's very different."

Although fans everywhere are now devastated, Wiig assures us all that, "I think it's ok to have it just be what it was."

We can't wait to see what she has in store next, but for now, this "Let It Go" version is holding us over with laughter.

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