8 Celebrities Who Own Surprising Side Businesses

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What do Snoop Dogg and Jared Leto have in common? If you answered "they both make music" then technically you're right, but that wasn't what we were getting at.

The other thing they share is that they both have invested millions in Reddit, and have contributed to the site's recent $50 million intake from an A-list of investors, according to The Independent.

But Jared Leto and Snoop Dogg aren't the only stars who are looking for new channels to make money. Many other stars have their hands in founding start-ups and new business. Stars such as…

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Jessica Alba

In 2012, the Sin City star decided that she wanted to start a company that sold toxin-free household goods. So, she got together with her business partner and they created The Honest Company.

Justin Bieber

The only thing Justin Bieber loves more than Justin Bieber is photos of Justin Bieber. So it makes sense that he would be a principle investor – to the tune of $1.1 million – in the up and coming social media photo –sharing site Shots.

Venus Williams

The tennis star, who once ranked No. 1 in the world, has had one of the most successful careers in the sport she loves. But that doesn’t mean she wants to stifle her love of interior design. So the sports icon started V Starr Interiors, of which she is currently the CEO. Her company, based out of Florida, has designed the homes of many major athletes and even television talk show sets.

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Ashton Kutcher

The new dad and Two And A Half Men star has basically invested in everything, all the time, ever, in one way or another. Currently, he's been focusing on his viral-news site A+ (which is basically Buzzfeed except… well, no. It's Buzzfeed.)


This Konvicted rapper revealed that he owns a diamond mine in Africa. A diamond mine. Like, a hole in the ground out of which diamonds are pulled by people who wish they didn’t have to pull diamonds out of a hole in the ground. At first, Akon responded to criticism of his diamond mine ownership and its role in conflict diamond trading by arguing, "I don't believe in conflict diamonds. That's just a movie." He's since changed his mind.

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Kevin Smith

Aside from directing some of the most beloved cult comedies in the last 20 years, Smith also runs one of the biggest podcasting networks on the internet.

Kevin Kostner

The Waterworld star seems to have taken the environmental message behind his 1995 post-apocalyptic action adventure film very seriously. Kostner bought a company called Ocean Therapy Solutions, which built machines that could separate oil from water, for $24 million. When the BP oil spill occurred, the government and BP leased dozens of the machines from Kostner.

A surprising number of stars own their own booze companies as well! Check out the video below for more on the wide world of celebrity hooch!

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