Oprah Winfrey & Lupita Nyong'o Visit Lindsay Lohan At Her London Play


Lindsay Lohan, whose been performing in the David Mamet play Speed-The-Plow on London's legendary West End, received a visit from some very special guests on Saturday.

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey and Oscar-winning star of 12 Years A Slave Lupita N'yongo came to show support for Lohan in her play.

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Lohan took to Instagram over the weekend to post a pic of her and Oprah, and express her gratitude to the celebs for taking the time to see her perform.

Lohan captioned the pic, "The definition of a blessing. Thank you @oprah and @Lupita_Nyongo for seeing the show tonight. Love you xx."


The definition of a blessing. Thank you @oprah and @Lupita_Nyongo for seeing the show tonight. Love you xx

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While Lohan's performance has been getting luke-warm reviews, at best, many critics are saying that she is, in a lot of ways, the best part of the production. However, that’s mostly being used as a criticism of the show itself.

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But it hasn't deterred Lohan from trying to work towards polishing her career, which has been tarnished over the last few years. And one of the people who has helped Lohan the most has been Oprah, who aired the docu-series Lindsay on her network OWN, which delved into the actresses tumultuous life and rehabilitation.

So it's no surprise that Lindsay, who also tweeted a similar photo of herself and Oprah, called the media queen her "fairy god mother."

Check out the video below to hear Lindsay Lohan's pitch for a sequel to her hit 2004 comedy Mean Girls!

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