Keanu Reeves Addresses Recent Home Break-In: 'All's Well That Ends Well'


In John Wick, Keanu Reeves plays the eponymous tough-as-nails former hitman who comes out of retirement when some thugs break into his house and kill his puppy.

Luckily, nothing nearly as tragic happened when, in real life, Reeves was the victim of a break-in himself. Twice. In a week.

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The 50-year-old actor talked with ET about the incident during a press junket for his upcoming action thriller.

"It was an interesting weekend, last month." Reeves said, smiling. "Everybody's okay, which is nice. All's well that ends well. It was certainly surprising, four in the morning, Saturday, and having an uninvited guest. But it just happened, and everybody's okay.

On September 17, Reeves reportedly work up at 4am
when he heard a noise coming from his library. According to police, a woman had broken into his home in an attempt to meet him.

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Five days later, another woman was detained at the same house
, and this time the intruder was naked. Allegedly, she had been using his shower and his pool. Reeves was not at home when this break-in occurred, and the intruder was discovered by his staff.

"There have been some changes," Reeves said, laughing, when asked if any adjustments had been made to his home security system.

While Reeves might not have needed to break out any of his well-known martial arts skills on his intruders, he does kick a significant amount of ass in the upcoming John Wick, which hits theaters October 24.

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