The Stars of 'Ouija' Get a Real Life Psychic Reading


Ouijastars Daren Kagasoff and Ana Coto went to see world-renowned psychicChar Margolis in real life for a session that may have made believers out of the skeptical actors.

"Ouija boards are very dangerous," said Char. "The truth is negative energies can come on that Ouija board."

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In the movie, a group of friends confronts their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board.

After their reading, Daren and Ana came away a bit shaken up.

"I literally almost cried," Daren said after his reading. "Thank God we didn't do this before the movie, because I probably would've been like, 'Pass!'"

Ana was equally startled when Char guessed that she had a deceased family member with a name that started with the letter "B."

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"There's only one person in my entire family with a 'B' name," said Ana. "'B' is not necessarily the most common name letter, so that freaked me out."

Ouija hits theaters October 24. Char's new mediation CD Chakra Therapy With Char Margolis is available for download on