'Glee' Star Charice on Her Sexual Identity: 'My Soul Is Like a Male'


Former Glee star and Filipina pop singer Charice Pempengco sat down with Oprah for her OWN series Where Are They Now? , and discussed her sexual identity, and when she first realized that she was gay.

"I knew when I was five," Charice told Oprah. "I was in grade school, and I saw this girl, and I felt different. I didn’t know what it was, but I just knew, at that time, that it felt special."

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Oprah also asked Charice about her views on her own gender identity.

"So you struggled with transgender, did you?" Oprah asked. "Were you thinking about transitioning to become a male?"

"Not exactly… My soul is like a male, but I'm not going to go through that stage where I'm going to change everything," the singer revealed. "I'm not [going to] change my body. I would… cut my hair, and wear boy clothes and everything, but that's all."

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The 22-year-old singer also opened up about the murder of her father, who she had been estranged from for many years when he was killed.

Check out the emotional clip from the upcoming episode of Oprah's Where Are They Now?, airing Sunday, October 19.

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