Baby's First Birthday Cake Perfectly Captures How We All Feel About Cake


We have a lot of feelings about cake. But this sums it up in two GIFs:

We love all kinds of cake — wedding cake, graduation cake, whatever occasion at the office warrants a cake in the break room — but the best kind of cake is birthday cake. Your birthday cake. Which 1-year-old Bauer was #blessed to learn early in life.

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“My son's first birthday was December 7, 2013,” mom Darcy Danson says. “He had never tasted cake. When we gave him his birthday cake, we had no idea that he would enjoy it so much that he would nosedive right into it.”

Bauer’s birthday may have been last year, but the video wasn’t uploaded until now — right in time to start the countdown to his second birthday. Because you KNOW Bauer is already ready for that cake.

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