Did Paul Rudd Help Tackle A Violent Homophobe At An Airport?

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Paul Rudd
has a lot of good things going on in his life right now. He's shooting the highly anticipated Marvel movie Ant-Man, he's enjoying his life as a wealthy celebrity and when he has nothing else to do in his day, he allegedly breaks up fights at airports like a real-life superhero.

A video surfaced on Saturday that showed an angry, violent man slinging hateful, homophobic slurs at a random stranger at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. (Caution: NSFW language.)

The man, who appears to be possibly impaired by drugs and/or alcohol, then starts getting in other passengers faces, screaming obscenities and hurling threats, all while airport security stroll on by like carefree children on their way to recess.

Then, after a minute, the man punches a guy he calls a "queer." Little did the man know that he was about to get tackled to the ground by a crowd of people that included a mustache-free Brian Fantana. Or not.


As it turns out, it wasn't Rudd. It wasn't ever going to be Rudd. Life is occasionally giving, but it's never going to be "Paul-Rudd-saves-the-day-by tackling-violent-lunatic" giving. No matter how much it looks like him.


Guess there are some people in this world who, when seen on a shaky, low-res YouTube video, happen to kind of resemble our favorite I Love You Man star. This random doppelganger happens to be one. 

Also, the star's rep flat-out denied that it was the beloved actor. Who wouldn't take credit for being a hero?

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When it was first suggested that one of the men who saved the day was Paul Rudd, the internet exploded with love and excitement, and the hashtag #PaulRuddSavesLives spread like wildfire.

When it came out that it was not Rudd, their disappointment was just as palpable. Most just refused to believe that it wasn't the star ofClueless and Wet Hot American Summerthat saved the day…

… And possibly all of history.

Whether it really was Rudd or not (it wasn't), one thing is clear: America must really love Paul Rudd, because everyone supported and praised this ridiculous theory right off the bat. Hopefully this will translate into big bucks for Ant-Man.

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