Nick Jonas Gives a Crotch-Grab Tutorial, Releases New Song

Flaunt Magazine

Nick Jonas is teaching how he perfected the crotch grab that also made Marky Mark (a.k.a. Mark Wahlberg) famous.

The Jonas Brother flashed his underwear and abs for Flaunt magazine in a series of racy pics that had his fans' mouths watering. Now, he's revealing his secrets in three easy steps. "All you need is a hand, a crotch and a willingness to do anything," he tells Now Magazine. He also recommends grabbing at a "side profile" and making sure your "hand's ready."

That's not all this 22-year-old heartthrob unleashed. He also released his sexy dance song "Hot Teacher," in addition to tweeting out a remix to his track "Jealous."

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What do you think of the reinvention of Nick Jonas?

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