Chad Kroeger on Breakup Rumors: I Find it Amusing


Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger sat down with ET Canada dispelling rumors that he and wife Avril Lavigne are planning to split.

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While denying any truth to the rumors, Chad is keeping a good sense of humor about the headlines.

"You know my dad calls me up and he's just like, 'I haven't slept in 2 days, what's going on?' I'm like, 'Dad you're not buying all this crap are you?' You know, I get to hear all the rumor mill stuff. I find it very amusing," he tells ET Canada in Los Angeles.

Rumors of Avril, 30, and Chad, 39, going through a rough patch exploded online when sources told Us Weekly that the couple were reportedly headed for a divorce after one year of marriage.

Adding to the rumors, Avril and Chad have had little correspondence over social media for a good chunk of the year. Chad didn't tweet Avril happy birthday when she turned 30 on September 27 and Avril hasn't tweeted anything about Chad since May 31. Still, Avril has continued to wear the 17-carat emerald cut diamond ring she got as an anniversary present. The anniversary tweet announcing the gift, however, has been deleted.

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"When you get out of high school, and it's like, 'Ugh, okay.' All that rumor crap. All that stuff that people say behind each other's backs is minuscule, pales in comparison to the world of celebrity or being married to a celebrity," says Kroeger. "That's high school multiplied exponentially. It's ridiculous. How many times has Jennifer Aniston been pregnant this year? A dozen?"
Kroeger adds: "Let's start a new rumor: I'm pregnant."

Avril's marriage to Chad is her second, as she split from her ex-husband, musician Deryck Whibley, in 2010. Avril and Chad announced their engagement in August 2012 and said "I do" in the South of France on July 1, 2013.

Currently, Chad and his band Nickelback are gearing up for their No Fixed Address tour, set to kick off in North America on Feb. 14. The No Fixed Address album is set to drop Nov. 17. Watch the video to hear the band's explanation for how they came up with the title.