Meet the Hot Guy in Taylor Swift's Crazy 'Blank Space' Video


Sure, Taylor Swift looked gorgeous in all her beautiful gowns in her new video "Blank Space," but let's talk about that hot guy she goes totally nuts on! 

Meet 25-year-old male model Sean O'Pry! The dreamboat tops the list for Forbes' most successful male models with his reported income of $1.5 million a year as he works with huge brands and magazines. For Swift’s music video, his good looks were enough to get him the role as he didn't even have to audition.

O'Pry spoke to ET about his role in the music video and his scenes with the 24-year-old mega-star.


NEWS: Every Single Outfit Taylor Swift Wears in 'Blank Space'

Turns out, it was actually kind of dangerous with an extra crazy T.Swift channeling her insanity.

"I got hit with a plant one time," he says of that dramatic scene where Taylor lashes out at him. "She really got into it. I just didn't duck fast enough. She's [got] a good arm."

NEWS: Taylor Swift Goes Crazy in 'Blank Space' Video


But those kissing scenes made up for being hit by a plant as he says, "It was a blast the whole time to do it…I got to kiss Taylor Swift. That's pretty cool."

But how did he prepare for the big scene? "Definitely mouthwash, that's about all my preparation was and a few jitters."

Off camera, the two bonded over cooking and even shared tips in the kitchen — O'Pry even gave her the secret to cooking the perfect steak.

Discovered on Myspace at the age of 17, this isn't his first music video. You can see Sean in Madonna's 2012 video for "Girls Gone Wild." He has also been featured in major campaigns for Calvin Klein, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Dolce and Gabbana.

On his Instagram account, he says he's "just a guy from Kennesaw, Ga. living in NYC." With over 100,000 Instagram followers and more than 26,000 followers on Twitter, although he deserves even more. Because he is ridiculously good looking.

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89 never looked so good PaPa. Too my main man, happy Father's Day.

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