'How To Get Away With Murder' Fall Finale Reveals Sam's Killer and a Major Twist



The fall finale of How To Get Away With Murder finally pieced together the fateful night we’ve been watching in flashbacks all season long, revealing once and for all who killed Sam Keating and more importantly, who was in on the murder. But the episode, titled "Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me," may have posed more questions than it answered. Here’s a look at which loose ends were tied up and all the things we still don’t know:



Sam’s Killer
It was Wes! "Wait List," as Connor calls him, bashes Annalise’s husband over the head with the group’s prized trophy when he tries to strangle Rebecca for downloading incriminating evidence off of his computer.

Shonda’s Favorite Phrase
Characters in both the 'Scandal' and 'HTGAWM' fall finales were called "little bitch baby" at some point during the episode. In this one, it’s (unsurprisingly) Connor telling Michaela to snap out of it as she freaks out in the woods.

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Everybody’s Alibi

Laurel gets Frank to wipe and return the incriminating trophy by "confessing" that she stole it from Asher. Connor justifies his breakdown to Oliver by telling him that he has a drug problem. Michaela signs her prenup and apologizes to her mother-in-law, blaming stress for her recent erratic behavior. Plus, Asher is pissed that everyone posted bonfire pics to Instagram without him. One can only imagine that the second half of the season will see some of these lies beginning to unravel.

Annalise’s Reveal
Annalise knew the whole time!!! At the end of the episode, while the professor is tearfully explaining to her students that they will have to talk to the police about Sam’s "disappearance," we flash back to what first appeared to be a throwaway scene, when Wes returned by himself to the scene of the crime to collect the incriminating trophy. But this time, after he apologizes to Sam’s dead body, a voice replies, "Don’t be." It’s Annalise, sitting coolly at her desk. She knew!



Who is Bonnie’s Bar Buddy?
I think it’s safe to say the guy is definitely not in dental equipment sales, after he blatantly admitted to having secrets and their makeout session left the law assistant tearfully calling Asher for a hookup (or an alibi?).

Why did Wes Smash the Flash Drive?
Yes, the information obtained from Sam's computer incriminates Rebecca, Wes, and the other students, but why not hide it somewhere? Isn’t Rebecca right in asking, "So this was all for nothing?" Wes tells her not to think about it like that, but that answer isn’t enough for her and shouldn’t satisfy viewers either.

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Where’s that Garbage Truck Going?
Wes was probably right about dumping the charred remains in an incinerator, but as Connor told him, "We’re not voting on this one." Either way, this probably isn’t the last we’ll see of Sam Keating. Or at least...parts of him.

Where is Michaela’s Ring?
Her mother-in-law didn't notice when she delivered the prenup, but at some point, someone's certainly going to realize that the girl in the Vera Wang wedding gown no longer has a ring on it, right?

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Who Killed Lila Stangard?
The prime suspect might be dead, but we're no closer to a definitive identity for Lila's murderer or, for that matter, the father of her child.

So she walked in on the body and sat there until Wes came back? And then went to Nate’s for a steamy hookup for the sake of her alibi? And left a long, apologetic voicemail on Sam’s phone to further shore up her innocence? And that's why Wes lied about the coin flip? WHAT?!


Unfortunately, viewers will have to wait until January 29 for the return of their favorite Shonda shows, but if the first nine episodes are any indication, the shocks won’t stop in How To Get Away With Murder's second half. Stay tuned and check out ET's exclusive set visit in the video below!