Three Bill Cosby Accusers Open Up About Allegations on the ET Set


Three of Bill Cosby's accusers came forward on Wednesday, holding a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred. Today, Beth Ferrier, Helen Hayes and Chelan (identified only by first name) stopped by the ET set to open up about the allegations.

"I feel relieved now to be able to say it and not be afraid anymore," said Chelan. "I've been afraid for a long time."

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Chelan claims that Cosby sexually assaulted her in 1986 when she was 17.

"I had a cold and he gave me this blue pill and said it was gonna help my cold," said Chelan. "He gave it to me with a shot of Amaretto . I remember I laid down. He laid next to me and he was making this sound. I couldn't move my arms, my eyes. I couldn't talk, and in my head I was saying, 'Dr. Huxtable?' He's pinching my leg and I felt something warm and then I blacked out. When I woke up it was almost 16 hours later."

Beth claims that she had a similar experience.

"After our relationship ended I was drugged then it was being left in a car being left alone for hours disoriented," said Beth. "I still do not know exactly what he did to me, but I did confront him. He said, like always, I had too much to drink. We were not drinking alcohol it was coffee."

"My story happened in 1973," said Helen. "He came up behind me and grabbed my breast. I thought, 'Why is he doing that?' I just think he's a predator."

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Cosby has not been charged with any crime and his attorney has denied all claims against him.

On Dec. 2, Judy Huth filed a lawsuit against Cosby, in which she claims that she first met Cosby back in 1974, when she was 15 and she -- along with an unnamed 16-year-old female friend -- wandered onto a movie set where Cosby was working. According to the lawsuit, Cosby allegedly befriended Judy and her friend, and invited them over to his home where he served them alcohol.

"California has an extended statute of limitations for child sexual abuse cases," said trial lawyer Lisa Bloom. "This new accuser says that she was molested by Bill Cosby when she was 15 years old, so under California law she has either until age 26 or within three years between the time she connects the dots in the molestation and her abuse to suit."

Today, Cosby responded with legal papers saying that he's being extorted by Judy. Cosby's filings also claim that Judy's lawyer demanded $100K for her silence and then increased the demand to $250k as more accusers came forward. Cosby also alleges that there are holes in Judy's story, including that Cosby is a "life-long non-drinker."