Demi Lovato Gets the Cutest Puppy Ever!


Christmas came early for Demi Lovato this year! The "Heart Attack" singer got the world's most adorable dog, and the 22 year old is spreading the holiday cheer by sharing some of the cutest Instagram pics you've ever seen.

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Here, her fluffy snowball of joy chows down on a holiday puppy treat.

Then the puppy shows how well he fits in with the Christmas decor.

Demi is simply posing the question all of us are asking…

There are also videos of the puppy being a puppy, and they're all you need to make any day better.

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Demi's new dog, whose name may be Buddy, even has his own Twitter account. Buddy only has one tweet – and it's a broken link to an Instagram post – but he still has over 14,000 followers. The only person Buddy follows? Demi, of course!

In September, Paris Hilton bought herself an fluffy white Pomeranian, and you won't believe how much she paid for it. Check out the video below to find out the puppy's crazy price tag.