Craig Ferguson's Final 'Late Late Show' Ends With a Twist


Craig Ferguson said goodbye to The Late Late Show on Friday night with famous friends and a look back at some of the features that made his show one of the most unique in late night TV.

The host kicked things off with a star-studded medley of "Bang Your Drum" and a montage of his past monologues.

Ferguson welcomed fellow late night icon Jay Leno as his final interview guest and the two discussed Ferguson’s tenure and getting out of the late night game.

"They may take our talk shows, but they will never take our freedom!" Leno joked.

NEWS: Craig Ferguson Passes 'The Late Late Show' Torch to James Corden

Leno shared some stories from his Tonight Show days and paid some compliments to his fellow host.

"You’ve been a good friend to me," he told Ferguson. "You always were fair, you didn’t join the late night talk show snippy club."

"You know what, we were going to go out for a steak," Ferguson joked. "I became a f***ing vegetarian man, it’s too late!"

The host also revealed the truth behind (technically, inside) fan-favorite pantomime horse Secretariat, who has appeared on the show frequently since the horse's namesake film was released in 2010.

The show ended with a parody of several iconic TV series finales, including Newhart, The Sopranos and St. Elsewhere. Drew Carey, who played Ferguson's employee on The Drew Carey Show, even stopped by to join in the fun.

"I wanted to do this show, and now we've done this show, and if you will indulge me in whatever I am doing now and come to whatever I do next, I'd be very grateful," Ferguson thanked his fans, adding cheekily, "because my kids are still young."

Ferguson’s replacement behind the Late Late Show desk will be Into the Woods star James Corden. He passed the torch to Corden on the show earlier this week. See more in the video below.

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