Watch Justin Bieber Take an Embarrassing Spill Skateboarding at Madison Square Garden


Justin Bieber takes a tumble.

Justin Bieber has no problem eating it in front of a crowd.

The 20-year-old pop star took to Madison Square Garden Sunday to show off his skateboarding skills to his bodyguards, paparazzi, fans, his possible love interest Hailey Baldwin, we well as random New Yorkers, and let's just say Bieber had plenty of fails before landing a pair of jumps over a small flight of stairs.

Clad in leather pants, a black hat and what could be classified as a straight-up dress, perhaps Bieber's not so suitable skateboarding attire was a reason for his questionable skills?

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"My pants keep falling down," he says at one point.

He does, however, eventually land the jump "like a freaking boss."

... At least the guy seems to still be pretty nice to his fans.

And as evidenced by the excited Belieber at the 00:32 mark in the video, it's good to know at least someone actually approves of his new bleach blond hair.

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Watch below: