Teresa Giudice Makes Odd New Year's Resolution Before Going to Prison


Before her 15-month sentence begins, the embattled 'Real Housewives' star took some time to share her rather interesting New Year's resolutions.

Teresa Giudice may be heading to prison in less than a week, but she’s not addressing the elephant in the room when it comes to her New Year’s resolutions.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star sat down with her friend Dina Manzo to dish on what their 2015 goals are in a video posted by Glam on Tuesday. What Giudice failed to mention during the three-minute sit-down was that she would be spending the year behind bars as she begins her 15-month prison sentence on Jan. 5.

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With champagne flute in hand, Giudice revealed that her top priority for 2015 is food-related. “Going forward, I would like to stop eating bad carbs,” she says, adding that she wanted to get her “ass” back in shape.

Meanwhile, Manzo’s No. 1 resolution is “to simplify” her life, which prompted Giudice to respond, “I like that. I have been doing that. … I’ve been filtering, so I want to continue doing that.”

Manzo also hoped to be “more spontaneous” in the new year, which prompted an interesting exchange between the two friends. “If I want to go away somewhere, I’m just going to let everything happen and people will figure things out,” she says.

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“And you should. I have four little ones so I can’t do that yet,” Giudice says in response. Suggests Manzo, “Well, they can come with you or [get a] babysitter.” Awkward.

Amid the family’s legal troubles, Giudice’s teenage daughter Gia is reportedly filming a pilot centered on her girl group 3KT and their quest to make it in the music industry. But don’t expect her parents to have a heavy presence in the proposed show.

Giudice and her husband Joe pleaded guilty to charges of bank fraud, mail and wire fraud and bankruptcy fraud in March. The Giudices aren’t the only celebrities who found themselves embroiled in scandal this year. Find out who else made headlines in 2014.