If There's an Award Show and Jennifer Lawrence Doesn't Go, Did an Award Show Ever Really Happen at All?

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Couldn't we have nominated J.Law for something?!

Couldn’t we have nominated Jennifer Lawrence for something this year? Like, Best Foreign Language Short or something?!

We are entering a potentially dark time: Awards season without Jennifer Lawrence. She hasn’t been nominated for a Golden Globe or SAG Award for...what? X-Men: Days of Future Past? And she didn’t win the Academy Award last year, so she won’t be required to attend as a presenter this year.

Heck, she won People’s Choice awards and didn’t go to that.

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Without her, we will miss out on so many awards season staples. Like...

Who is going to fall on the red carpet?

Who will remind us that celebs actually do eat?

Who is going to fangirl on the red carpet, just like we would?

(This was over Leonardo DiCaprio, BTW. J.Law = All of us.)

Who is going to get real about our obsession with fashion?


Who is going to say funny things in interviews?

We know actors loooove talking about their craft and what they did to prepare for their roles, but we want to hear Jennifer Lawrence talk about farts and pizza and stuff.

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Who is going to make sure the red carpet has at least one epic photobomb?

And otherwise treat it as the ridiculous ceremony that it is.

Who is going to quote movies in their acceptance speech?

Who is going to yell at famous people in the audience?

Who is Jack Nicholson going to hit on?

And who is going to make all these faces?

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So we ask the age-old question: If they throw an awards show and Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t go, did an award show really happen at all? I think we all know the answer.

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