Jimmy Fallon Cannot Handle Tarantulas Crawling on His Face


Tarantulas were crawling all over Jimmy Fallon.

On Monday night's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, animal expert Jeff Musial truly terrified Jimmy when he brought out a couple of Mexican white and red-kneed tarantulas and placed them on his head and shoulders. Lots of squirming and panic follow as the host cannot handle it!

After it has all ended, the comedian fell to the ground and said, "That was the most scary, frightening thing that ever happened in my life time."

Fallon was also pretty standoffish when it came to the Siberian lynx named Boomer. Musial brought out Boomer first, and although he looked super friendly, the animal expert said that Boomer can actually bring down animals three times his size and that he goes for the jugular on reindeer.

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There was one animal that Fallon was not afraid of after Musial told him to "man up." A red kangaroo named Sydney from Australia stole his heart and made things all better!

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Which animal would you want to meet of the three? Let us know using the hashtag #ETnow.

Check out the video below to see the power of Jimmy Fallon.