Chrissy Teigen Ends Up in the Hospital After Vicious 'Lip Sync Battle'


Who would have thought that a lip sync battle would end up in a trip to the hospital?

That's where model Chrissy Teigen found herself after breaking a bone in her foot during the filming of Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle.

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Teigen managed to look as ravishing as ever, even while laid up in the hospital. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit beauty posted a photo to Instagram of her laying in her hospital bed, decked out in a black cocktail dress. She captioned the pic, "Then I cracked a foot bone. I regret nothing."

The show, a spin-off of the popular recurring sketch from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, pits two celebs against each other in a contest of lip-syncing superiority.

It's unclear what exactly Teigen was doing that led to her breaking a bone in her foot, but she was excited before the taping began as she hung out backstage with her husband John Legend.

The show, which was picked up in November, began shooting this month, and premieres April 2.

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Teigen made sure to put on a brave face while dealing with her injury, likely because the last time she cried in public she became a meme. Check out the video below to see Chrissy's hilarious response to the Internet fervor over her "crying face" at the Golden Globes.

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