Watch Neil Patrick Harris Do Adorable Impressions of His Twins Gideon Scott & Harper Grace

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Too cute.

Leave it to Neil Patrick Harris to make his already super-cute four-year-old twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace appear even more adorable.

The 41-year-old former How I Met Your Mother star is appearing on Thursday's episode of Inside the Actors Studio, in which he dishes on the different personalities of both Gideon and Harper. The fraternal twins were born via surrogate, with each child being a biological match to either Harris or Burtka.

"There was a separate egg donor who donated anonymously even though we had vetted her," Harris explains to host James Lipton.

"We were hoping that one would take, and two took," Burtka adds, noting that each of them is a father to one of the children.

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But what are their personalities like?

"They're pretty quintessential boy and girl," Harris says. "Harper is a girl, girl, girl. Girl. She wears mermaid outfits and has falls in her hair and you have to
announce her when she comes down the staircase," he smiles. "And then
when you do, she slowly comes down the stairs acting all, like, 'Oh,

However, Gideon is the opposite.

"He loves trucks and construction and he likes superheroes," he reveals, also sharing that the kids call him "Papa," and call Burtka "Daddy."

Harris is currently gearing up to host the Oscars on Feb. 22, and recently raised eyebrows with this slightly scary Entertainment Weekly cover featuring his face painted in Oscar gold.

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But he's more than qualified for the high-profile gig. He's already hosted four Tonys and two Emmys.

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For more of the adorable Gideon and Harper, check out the twins singing "Jingle Bells" in the video below!