Meet TV's 'It' Couple Eric Christian Olsen & Sarah Wright

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Eric Christian Olsen and wife Sarah Wright are both on hit TV shows and they opened up to ET about how they balance it all.

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Between Eric's role on CBS' NCIS: Los Angelesand Sarah's gig on the NBC comedy Marry Me, the couple has to split duty in taking care of their 17-month-old son Wyatt Oliver.

"I would put him to bed and do the bath and everything, and then he would wake up and he'd be like, 'Mama?' and I'd be like, 'It's just me and you, man,'" Eric told ET.

Eric and Sarah wed in June 2012 in Wyoming and welcomed son Wyatt one year later. Father and son have had plenty of time to bond lately as mom's been working late.

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"I came home at six in the morning," Sarah recalled. "[Wyatt] is passed out on top of Eric. They looked like a couple of frat boys with their shirts off. A bottle of milk is in the middle of the bed ... Wyatt's got milk stains on his mouth. I'm like, 'What happened?' There's no covers on the bed. It's like a full-out war happened."

While Eric admitted that he knew Sarah was the one "pretty early on" in their relationship, Sarah joked that she wasn't as easily swayed.

"It took me about five years," Sarah kidded. "When he proposed I was like, 'Hmmmm... Not really sure.'"

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Watch the video to see the couple interview each other, asking hard-hitting questions like "What's [their] most annoying habit?"

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