13 Taylor Swift Fans Who Feel Really Bad For Not Liking Her New Music Video


First thing’s first: Taylor Swift is amazing. Her music is dope, she’s good to her friends, good to her fans, and Madonna approves. She might even be on HBO Girls. Please don’t get it twisted — we love Taylor Swift! There’s proof of that. Lots of proof. Literally all the proof.

But like Taylor Swift we have to keep it real and be honest — a lot of people think her newest music video, directed by a friend, starring Sarah Hyland’s new beau, baring uncanny resemblance to the True Detective opening, is a little… boring.

WATCH: A day in the life of the male model from Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' music video

This can be hard to admit:

Because we really love your work:

And we know it’s not for a lack of effort:

And the song is so great:

That’s kind of what’s disappointing about it:

It’s artistic for sure but:

It does not in any way change how we feel about you:

And for real, you KILLED it with "Blank Space:"

Which is why this is so hard to admit, but:

It's really us and not you:

And honestly, we are completely devastated over this:

We’re sorry Taylor! Don’t hate us forever please. YOU never go out of style!

For everything you need to know about Taylor Swift's "Style" music video, watch the video below.