Adorable Little Boy Freaks Out When His Dad Tells Him Their Car Has an Ejector Seat Button


Don't be scared Charlie!

A video was uploaded of to YouTube of this adorable 4-year-old Charlie, whose dad teases him about their car having an ejector seat he can use if Charlie doesn't behave.

Charlie is understandably concerned with this:

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It's not hard to see why:


Charlie does lose his cool for a little bit:


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But then, at 1:09, Charlie gives maybe the most heartwarming monologue ever delivered from a toddler to parent:

"Daddy, if I say I love you, and I kiss you, and I want to play with you, that means I'll never go in to space, and you shouldn't press that button."

Watch the video below to go behind the scenes with the adorable puppy from The Interview.