Lorenzo Lamas Talks About His 28-Year-Old Wife Carrying His Daughter's Baby

Actor Lorenzo Lamas is set to be a grandfather again and his wife is carrying the baby.

Actor Lorenzo Lamas is set to be a grandfather again and his wife is carrying the baby.

Lorenzo's 28-year-old wife Shawna is one year younger than his daughter Shayne and is acting as her surrogate.

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"It [complicated the family dynamic] initially," Lorenzo told ET's Brooke Anderson. "Of course it would. My friends said, 'What could you possibly have in common with a person that's 30 years younger than you?' I told them, 'Everything.'"

Shawna is carrying a boy for her step-daughter. This will be Shayne's second child with husband Nik Richie, but this will be their first son.

This is just the latest chapter in Lorenzo's wild life. In his book Renegade at Heart, Lorenzo he claims to have spent a night with Playboy cover models the Barbi Twins.

"I had what I thought was an open relationship with my girlfriend," Lorenzo told ET's Brooke Anderson. "Open meaning that 'I can do what I want to do, but she couldn't.' Me and the Barbi Twins were just hanging out at the beach. We brought it back to the apartment and we spent the night together. I told my girlfriend the next day thinking that it'd be okay, but it wasn't."

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Lorenzo's wild past includes four ex-wives: Victoria Hilbert, Michele Cathy Smith, Kathleen Kinmont and Shauna Sand.

The Celebrity Apprentice contestant reportedly filed for bankruptcy twice in 10 years, with the last time being in 2014, and is still dealing with his finances. He was in court Feb. 18 with Shauna over child support, but beginning last August, Lorenzo has been giving helicopter tours to help pay the bills.

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