Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Sam Smith and Kim Kardashian Are Pop Culture's 'Avengers'! Here's Why


In this pic Kim posted to Instagram, the group look like they belong in a Marvel comic about pop culture icons.

Award ceremonies always bring the biggest stars together, but sometimes when you see them all standing around like besties, it can still be surprising.

So when Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Sam Smith and Kim Kardashian all bunched together to snap this pic -- which Kim posted to Instagram -- it made for one hell of a photo.

This photo is so perfectly composed it almost doesn’t look real. Together, they look like The Avengers of pop culture.

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Kim is wearing the kind of cleavage-revealing dress that only comic book heroines can usually pull off. The dress is a busy tapestry of skin and black thread.

Smith is wearing his trademark uniform of a colorful suit, white shirt, and no tie. Do you know who else wears the same exact outfit every time they go out in public? Comic book superheroes.

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And then there’s Kanye, diligently refusing to smile. In fact, maybe that’s his superpower: amazing musical skills and a superhuman determination to not show joy.

Finally, you have Taylor Swift rocking a graphic red dragon dress that just screams comic book.

If you slapped a title on the top of this photo and a tag line you’d have a movie poster.

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Another person at the Brit awards who looked like a badass comic book character was Madonna -- right until she fell off stage. Check out the video below for more on the embarrassing mishap.