Chris Hemsworth Introduces His Long Lost Fourth Brother on 'SNL'


Chris Hemsworth brought out his family to share his Saturday Night Live moment.

Good looks run in this year's People's Sexiest Man Alive's family as Luke, 33, and Liam, 25 , joined Chris, 31, on stage. But turns out there's a fourth brother named Callum Hemsworth who really steals the spotlight.

And yes, that other brother is Kenan Thompson who does his best Australian accent to blend in with the family, and he's an actor just like the rest of them.

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"I do a series about snakes in the work place," Callum says.

When asked by an audience member what it's like to be called the Sexiest Man Alive, Callum takes this one!

"It's a bit weird," he pokes fun at Chris being humble about the title. "I see myself as a normal guy."

No shyness here from Chris though as he jokes, "What matters is what's in here. Muscles."

This was Chris' first time as an SNL host, and he joined Twitter for the first time on Saturday to express his excitement about it.

He also tweeted that he had a blast with his three brothers, and the fun only continued throughout the show.

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In other skits, Chris brought back his Thorcharacter to talk about his battle against evil super-villain Ultron and has a "We Are the Champions" moment.

And who can forget this skit when he rapped and twerked as Iggy Azalea's rapper cousin? Do you think he learned those twerking skills from Liam’s ex-fiancée Miley Cyrus?

Chris may just have another career ahead of him!

How do you think Chris did as a host on SNL? Let us know using the #ETnow hashtag.

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