Watch This Funky Flight Attendant Dance to 'Uptown Funk' Aboard the Plane


Ladies and gentlemen, please stow your luggage in overhead bin, fasten your seat belt, and return your tray tables to their full upright position. Because the flight attendants are about to GET DOWN!

Caralee Savage
-- a break-dancer turned WestJet flight attendant -- gave first class a little show while waiting for the plane to take off, poppin' and lockin' to (our favorite song) “Uptown Funk.”

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We’re seen attendants bust a move during the safety speech (all those Virgin America viral videos) and we’ve seen passengers perform for fellow flyers (the Broadway cast of The Lion King), but Caralee seems to just be dancing for fun here.

Not a single warning about securing your oxygen mask before helping others!

“A little entertainment while waiting for some guests to board,” she explained in the video’s description. “I used to teach dance in high schools with Legacy One and we always encouraged students to not worry about what other people thought of them. This is just me trying to live that out.”

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