Teenager With Asperger's Receives Amazing Birthday Surprise When No One RSVP's To His Party


The Internet does some good again!

Melissa Camus, a mother who lives in Ontario, Canada, reached out to a local Facebook group after her no one RSVP'd to her 13-year old son's birthday party.

"Some of you have seen me post about my son, Odin. His struggles with bullying, his difficulties with Aspergers," wrote Melissa. "Well, today is his 13th birthday. And, unfortunately, not one kid rsvp'd to his birthday 'hang out' invite."

She said Odin wanted to go bowling for his big day and asked members of the group to text Odin with happy birthday wishes and for more suggestions on how to make his day "awesome."

Then things really took off.

NEWS: Kid With Autism Receives Amazing Birthday Surprise After No One Comes To His Party

Suddenly, thousands of people RSVP'd to Odin's birthday event and everyone started sending him birthday wishes, using #OdinBirthday.

The Toronto Raptors...

Blue Jays....

Carrie Underwood!

Seemingly everybody!

A ton of people ended up coming to his birthday bowling party too.

It was pretty special.

Happy birthday, Odin!

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