This Girl Cried While Playing the Piccolo on Live TV and Became Our Favorite Person Ever


As they say, the show must go on. Even if you’re crying into your piccolo.

In the second round of NCAA's March Madness tournament, Villanova suffered a devastating upset to North Carolina State, losing 68-71. But the only thing anyone remembers from the game is this girl in the Villanova band, caught on live TV crying while playing her piccolo:

The Internet could not get enough of her:

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#PiccoloGirl (and the incorrectly hashtagged #FluteGirl) instantly went viral, and it was only a matter of time before the memes started rolling in:

Our favorite? This Vine looped with the soundtrack from Titanic:

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Who is the girl behind #PiccoloGirl? Roxanne Chalifoux, a senior at Villanova (which made the loss all the more “heartbreaking,” she told CBS. “I knew that was my very last game.”)

But Roxanne seems to be taking her Internet fame in stride, and appeared on The Tonight Show to sit in with the Roots. “It’s absolutely mind-blowing,” she told Jimmy Fallon. “All I thought I did was cry on national television.”

“It’s a funny story. In the very beginning, I’m looking up at the Jumbotron, so I saw myself on it,” Roxanne recalled. “And all I could think about was my dad at the game and I didn’t want him to see me crying. But then it turned into like, everyone saw me crying.”

She’s adorable! Watch her play with the Roots now:

And remember: Before you make fun of Roxanne, there are gross ass men who don't even go to Villanova that cried over this game. At least she had a reason.

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