Chelsea Handler on Bill Cosby: 'He Tried to Cosby Me'

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Chelsea Handler is spilling about her own personal encounter with Bill Cosby.

The 40-year-old comedian gets naked for Esquire magazine's April 2015 issue alongside Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman, but true to her outspoken style, her body's not all she's baring. The former Chelsea Lately host says the 77-year-old comedian "tried to Cosby me."

Numerous women have recently come forward alleging they were sexually assaulted by Cosby, though he not been charged with a crime and has universally denied all claims.

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Chelsea claims the incident happened about 10 years ago when she and Cosby were both doing stand-up in the same hotel in Atlantic City. She says someone from the hotel told her that Cosby "would really like to meet you up in his hotel suite," at around three o'clock in the afternoon, but she felt uncomfortable meeting him alone.


" ... And I said, That's really weird. I don't want to go alone," Chelsea tells Esquire. "I go, 'I don't know him.' So the three guys I was with -- thank God these guys were with me. One was filming and one was like a producer; we were filming something -- I brought them up with me to his room and thank God I did, because now I know what would've happened if I went up there alone."

She says she forgot about the incident until the allegations against Cosby started getting media attention.

"My friend texted me the other day saying, 'Do you remember that night we went up to, or that afternoon we went up to Bill Cosby's and you were so freaked out you made us come with you?'" Chelsea shares. "And I said, 'Yeah,' and he said, 'Hello! You could've been one of his victims if we weren't there.' And I went, 'Oh my gosh . . .'  So yeah, he's guilty. I think it's pretty obvious now."

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Earlier this month, Cosby sent out a video message to his fans, assuring them that he's still performing despite the recent scandal.

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