Charges Dropped Against Dance Mom Who Slapped Coach Abby Lee Miller

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The court case surrounding the slap heard around reality TV has come to a close.

Jaws dropped when Kelly Hyland slapped instructor Abby Lee Miller in a season 4 episode of Lifetime's Dance Moms. On Thursday, a judge at the Bronx Supreme Court had charges dropped that stemmed from the reality TV altercation.

Hyland -- who, as NY Daily News reports, was donning a zebra-striped sweater and a Victoria's Secret Pink backpack for court -- will be dismissed of all charges so long as she spends two days in counseling and agrees to stay away from Miller for six months.

"This was a case that with any other person would have been resolved on the second hearing with the same exact outcome," attorney Steven Goldstein told ET. "They did not treat her like they would everyone else. She was put through the wringer because of who she is."

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The assault in question began backstage during a Nov. 2013 competition after Miller suggested replacing Hyland's two daughters, Paige and Brooke Hyland, with other dancers. That's when the very public screaming match began, which then escalated to slapping and hair pulling.

"As her lawyer, I thought it was a very good outcome," Goldstein said. "You are walking out of criminal court with a dismissal. She is obviously happy that it is over."

This isn't the first nor the last time Miller and the Hyland family will go up against each other in court. In Aug. 2014, a judge said he would likely dismiss a $5 million lawsuit Hyland filed against Miller and Collins Avenue Entertainment. The 43-year-old mother's oldest daughter Paige, 13, also has an emotional distress lawsuit out against the Abby Lee Dance Company owner.

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Hyland will have a compliance hearing on June 5th to confirm her therapy sessions, but according to her lawyer, she will likely not have to show up in court for this.

"It's a good result for her. She has no criminal record before this," Goldstein added. "No convictions of any kind prior. The terms are easy which reflects the nature of the type of case. Hopefully she can move on and be a mother and live happily ever after."

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