Jason Statham Has a Totally Practical Reason for Leaving the 'Transporter' Franchise

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Big ups to Jason Statham for knowing what he's worth!

In an interview with Vulture, the 47-year-old actor gave a very business-minded reason for not returning to Transporter franchise now that the series is rebooting.

"It was obviously a great experience doing those films, and I would have loved to keep doing it," said Statham. "But they wanted me to sign on and do three more films without even seeing a script, and they offered me less money to do three than I'd get paid for one! So it was a business decision."

Just like his mercenary character in the movies, Statham is all about that bottom line!

Statham also revealed details about his upcoming Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat) directed action comedy Spy, which puts Statham alongside co-stars Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne.

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"I had such a good time working with Paul Feig on Spy," said Statham. "If I spend the next ten years working for him, I'll be a very happy man. It was such a revelation for me to do something of that nature, and working with Melissa and Paul … that's high-caliber people to surround yourself with."

Looks like we might be seeing Jason Statham in more comedies in the near future.

The Transporter: Refueled
hits theaters Sept. 4. You can see Spy on May 22.

Watch Melissa McCarthy go full cat lady in the Spy trailer below!