Blake Lively Calls Out Bizarre Boob Rumor with Silly Pic

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The actress posted a pic almost as ridiculous as gossip going around about her nipples.

Blake Lively posted a pic almost as ridiculous as the gossip going around about her nipples.

At a recent event for The Age of Adaline, the actress joked with reporters about how she's turning baby James into a foodie already. "I rub truffles on my nipples every day,” she said. "You got to give her a very well-balanced palate from a young age so she doesn't eat only beige food!"

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Mrs. Ryan Reynolds then had to take to Instagram to remind everyone she was only kidding.

On Wednesday, the new mom shared a pic of her rubbing her sister Robyn's face with a carrot. Meanwhile, Robyn is seen sticking a celery stick up her sibling's nose. "I can't understand why people don't take me seriously as a chef," Lively mused.

From there, she posted some of the best hashtags ever, including: "#PleaseDontShowLeCordonBleu."

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To put the boob rumors to rest, she added: "#WhoPutsTrufflesOnTheirNipplesDearGodCantReportersTakeAJoke."

Noting the length of the hashtag, Lively quipped: "#ThatWasTheLongestHashtagEver"

After all this, we still think the 27-year-old actress had the best truffle joke of the year!