Conan O'Brien Slams His Own Writer After He Takes Aim at Jimmy Fallon's Comedy

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Conan O'Brien isn't a fan of calling out his late-night competition ...Jay Leno excluded.

One of the Conan show writers went on a Twitter rant recently, slamming the state of comedy and calling out Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon's comedic bits on his late-night program.

Andres du Bouchet has worked with O'Brien since 2008 and is not a fan of what he referred to as "Prom King comedy" in a series of tweets he has since deleted. "You've let the popular kids appropriate the very art form that helped you deal. F**k," he tweeted (via Uproxx). "None of the funniest stuff ever involved celebrity cameos."

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He didn't stop there. "Comedy in 2015 needs a severe motherf**king shakeup," he continued. "No celebrities, no parodies, no pranks, no mash-ups or hashtag wars … and shove your lip-synching up your ass."

The writer is most certainly referring to Fallon and his lip-sync battles and the numerous games and gimmicks he has celebrities participate in when they're on The Tonight Show.

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That being said, O'Brien's show has also had its share of celebrity cameos. In February, the 52-year-old host got naked with The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun at a Korean spa, and in August 2014, he also did a bit with Orange Is the New Black's Laverne Cox.

O'Brien wasn't thrilled that one of his own was taking jabs at his peers and let his Twitter followers know that he did not support du Bouchet's rant. "I wish one of my writers would focus on making my show funnier instead of tweeting stupid things about the state of late night comedy," he wrote.

While many of du Bouchet's tweets were deleted, he did keep up the messages calling out what he did like in the comedy realm. "On a positive note, my current favorite comedy things are @TheKimmySchmidt @SiliconHBO @LastManFOX and @KeyAndPeele," he wrote.

He also added: "I am also very much looking forward to seeing what Colbert does on CBS."

The writer really had a hard time believing that anyone cared about his tweets. "Geez I wish this many people gave a crap about my opinions when I was THE leading oncological researcher in the world," he wrote jokingly. "Well now that that's all over (please?) I'd like to get back to my pitch for The Vroom. It's The Room but w/ Vin Diesel as Johnny."