EXCLUSIVE: Judge Judy Remembers Her Friend Joan Rivers

Judge Judy Sheindlin sits down with Melissa Rivers for an exclusive ET interview.

Judge Judy Sheindlin and comedy legend Joan Rivers had been friends for years before Joan's passing last year. Now, the 72-year-old television personality is opening up to ET about her late friend with Joan's daughter Melissa Rivers.

"You know your mother never walked out of the house unless she was in full regalia," Judy told Melissa, recalling Joan's celebrated fashion sense. "She had her hair done every morning, 9 o'clock…You know I looked like somebody's unmade bed, but your mother always looked elegant and ready to be photographed for a cover."

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The strong, intelligent and self-determined women had been friends for longer than they could remember, and during Joan's last days in 2014, it was Judy who Melissa turned to for support and help.

Remembering Joan, Melissa and Judy shared some of their fondest memories of the celebrated comedian, including a vacation Joan and Judy took with writer Cindy Adams to Colonial Williamsburg.

"What probably most people don't know is the generous nature of [Joan]," Judy recalled fondly. "She came with her usual suitcases, but one suitcase was packed with chotchkies, her jewelry and stuff to give away, to give to all the people who has made the arrangements and helped to get us into the right places."

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"People who knew her only as a brash, kind of outspoken, entertainer didn't see that part of the person," Judy added. "She's missed, and every once in a while I still say to myself, 'You know that would be fun to tell Joan.'"

On Friday, Melissa sat down with former Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, who also talked about Joan, and her memories of the late comic who had interviewed the actress many times on many different red carpets.

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Melissa even took a moment to play some old red carpet footage of Joan interviewing Sarah about her style.

"Oh my god, I love hearing her," Sarah said, smiling.

The beloved entertainer passed away in September 2014 at the age of 81.

Check out the emotional interview above to hear more of Judy and Melissa's sweet memories of the late comic.

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