Injured Derek Hough Still Helps 'DWTS' Partner Nastia Liukin Rule the Night


His feet may be hurting, but Derek isn't out of the game just yet.

Even with Derek Hough having to step down from performing with Nastia Liukin on this week's Dancing With the Stars due to an injury, the five-time mirror ball trophy winner still helped the Olympian get the highest scores of week seven -- from the sidelines!

Following the DWTS spring break episode on April 20, Derek injured himself on set while rehearsing for the DWTS 10th Anniversary Special. During Monday night's episode, it was revealed that Derek sustained the injury by accidentally kicking a stage light while dancing.

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With his broken bones and sprained appendages making it impossible for him to dance this week, former DWTS pro Sasha Farber stepped in to help out.

However, just because he was going to be off his feet, that didn't mean Derek was out of the game. Working with Nastia and Sasha, the pro choreographed a wonderful routine, which he even appeared in, briefly.

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At the open of Nastia's number, she, Derek and Sasha sat side by side on a subway. As the music started, Derek got up as if to dance, only to realize it wouldn't be possible. So he sat back down and introduced Nastia and Sasha to each other. They then hit the dance floor and earned the highest score of the night, a 38.

It was a clever and fun way to address the high-profile injury and to ease fans into the transition of a new partnership that will likely be seen for the rest of the season.

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For more on Derek's unfortunate injuries -- which includes a broken toe and a sprained ankle -- check out the video below.