Justin Bieber Reveals His New Hipster Hairstyle!


Justin Bieber is finally giving his followers a real look at his new 'do.

The 21-year-old pop star took to Instagram on Thursday to share a pic of his new, somewhat hipster-looking style. Of course, the photo was so important to his fans, Bieber knew he didn't need to even caption the snapshot.

Short on the sides, longer in the front, and a seemingly a different shade of blonde, the new cut is quite a bit different from the long, unruly hair the singer's been sporting for months.

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Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun teased the new look in a Lion King themed Instagram video Braun posted on Tuesday.

Bieber first revealed that he was shedding the longer look on April 21, when he posted a close-up photo of his shaggy hair with the simple caption, "This is gone."

How many other stars tease their haircuts weeks in advance? Well, maybe Bieber’s just a self-promotion innovator.

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Films 'Zoolander 2,' Epically Debuts New ‘Do

This is actually the second drastic hairstyle Bieber's displayed in the past two days. On Tuesday, Ben Stiller posted an Instagram pic showing Bieber with short, black, spiked hair -- which would have really been a different road for the pop star.

Bieber is working with Stiller on the upcoming Zoolander sequel which is currently filming in Rome as is set for release on Feb. 12, 2016.

Check out the video below for a look at the Believe singer'sZoolander look.

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