7 Selfies With Celebs That Prove the Autograph Is Dead


Sorry, autographs!

The celebrity selfie is ushering in an end of times for the long-coveted autographed photos, as many true fans are ditching the sharpies in favor of something REAL.

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The selfie.

While the signed photos business does somehow still exist, these days it's mostly all signature scalpers looking to sell the photos online, pissing off celebrities in the process.

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Pitch Perfect 2
star Rebel Wilson called out the ruse on her Twitter, writing, "Hey professional autograph hunters, maybe stop stalking me at airports etc because I'm not signing your pics that you sell online."

Taylor Swift noted in a Wall St. Journal op-ed that she believes autographs are basically over.

"I haven't been asked for an autograph since the invention of the iPhone with a front-facing camera," writes Taylor. "The only memento 'kids these days' want is a selfie. It's part of the new currency, which seems to be 'how many followers you have on Instagram.'"

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The point is that a quality, candid celebrity selfie holds much more weight today for than a stuffy, airbrushed promotional photo with a signature on it.

Here are seven selfies with celebrities that prove that for autographs -- the writing is on the wall.

1. This once in a lifetime Beyonce photobomb moment....

Means so much more than a dumb photo on eBay.

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2. How much more awesome is a chance run in with Kim and Kanye...

Than dropping $200 on something that already looks so painfully 1980s.

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3. There's no comparison whatsoever.


4. It's how a 21-year-old pop star who already has enough personal troubles to land himself on a Roast still has millions of adoring fans.

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5. Look how Kylie Jenner completely made two fans' everything with one simple picture.
(WARNING: Single F-bomb of pure, unbridled joy.)

6. Even Ariana Grande, a star who has struggled to shake her diva reputation, can be part of a beautiful moment like this one.

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7. And when you get one moment with amazing human being Anna Kendrick...

A signed publicity photo just won't cut it.

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Forward facing cameras are where the heart is.

Autographs -- signing off.

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