This Regular Dude Tried to Eat The Rock's Diet for a Day and Ended Up Puking Everywhere


There’s a reason Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson looks like this:

And the rest of us look like, well, not The Rock. It takes dedication. It takes “FOCUS!!!!” It takes an insane diet that Muscle & Fitness magazine recently published, which consists of seven meals per day and a sh*t ton of cod.


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Naturally, Complex challenged one of their own, Sean Evans, to try to eat The Rock’s diet for one day. And “not one to turn down a dare,” Sean accepted.


But a problem immediately surfaced: “All my life I’ve hated fish,” Sean says. “I’ve hated the smell of fish. I can’t stand even looking at a fish.”

Still, he did make it through the first four meals with...a little difficulty:


“I knew by 10 a.m. that it was going to be a long, sh*tty day,” Sean explains. “I was constantly dreading the next meal, which had as much to do with hating the food as it did with being ridiculously full.”

He continued, “Eating became as psychologically taxing as it was physically painful, but -- as someone who can eat a whole frozen pizza like it's nothing -- the volume of food isn't what derailed me...but everything he eats tastes like butt.”

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And that at 2:20p.m., this happened:




“Obviously I feel horrible puking, but in a weird way, I think it might have been kind of a blessing,” he says. “Because it just opens up room for the next meal.” YOU READ THAT RIGHT! He KEEPS eating!

Watch the rest below:

To quote Sean himself,


Meanwhile, The Rock, being the straight up gentleman that he is, tweeted:

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