How Nutritionist to the Stars Dr. Goglia Whips Kim Kardashian & Chris Pratt Into Shape

Want a bod like Kim Kardashian's? It's gonna take work to get it!

Kim Kardashian's diet isn't an art -- it's more like a science. Literally.

When the reality show star/selfie auteur and husband her Kanye West need to get into shape fast or when Chris Hemsworth needs to get his Thor muscles going, they head to nutritionist to the stars, Dr. Philip Goglia.

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Who is Dr. Goglia? He’s a certified nutritionist (he's got his Ph.D. in Nutritional Science) who founded Performance Fitness Concepts, one of the most elite nutrition and wellness clinics in the United States.

For Dr. Goglia, there are no short-cuts -- if you want to shape up, it's all about good, healthy food first. Working out is important, but good nutrition for your metabolic type is the key to making a real difference in your body. Cutting your calorie count down to nothing or relying on steroids? That won't fly with this doc.

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That's why ET sat down with Dr. Goglia, who has helped clients from Kimye to Chris Pratt get fit the right way. Here are the most common requests from celeb clients and how he guides them.


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Kim originally went to Dr. Goglia with a simple goal -- to make healthier eating choices. "I was recommended to him by a few people," she tells ET. "He just helps you stay on a really good plan and trains you to eat healthier."

Dr. Goglia set up Kim and Kanye, who he describes as "so sweet," with specific plans that they can maintain with their busy schedules, even when they're on the road.

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On their meeting days, he sits down with the power couple early in the morning to go through their foods and discuss their travel plans so the duo can always stay on track. Since the married couple has to be on all the time, a Snickers bar won’t give them the "emotional energy," as Dr. Goglia calls it, that they need.

"They're very strategic and they take it very seriously," Dr. Goglia tells ET. "And it's fun to work with somebody that does that, that will say, 'Here’s my itinerary. Tell me where I put my snacks. Where do I eat my meals?'"


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While Kim and Kanye need to keep their energy up and waist sizes down, some celebs need to bulk up. That's where Dr. Goglia works his real magic. Call him the superstar for superheroes: He is Marvel Comics go-to guy and has whipped Chris Pratt, Jonah Hill and Jai Courtney into nutritional shape for major movie roles.

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"Superheroes are like athletes," Dr. Goglia explains about these great, intensely driven clients. "There is so much riding on their performance and appearance." Dr. Goglia helped Chris, who he calls "great, a good human," lose over 60 pounds for Guardians of the Galaxy and aided Terminator Genisys and Suicide Squad star Jai Courtney in getting down to 220 pounds and six percent body fat.

Those aren't numbers to smirk at!

"Duffy Gaver was his trainer, and Chris was like a viking," Dr. Goglia says. "This guy trained hours a day with Duffy with weights and [with me] with food. Chris would send me pictures of his food!"

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Jonah did the same thing when he was working with Dr. Goglia. "Jonah Hill would send me pictures of his food saying, 'Here are my pictures! I'm on it! Eating! Is it okay if I text you pictures of the food?' So he'd have all his eggs lined up and his salmon, and it was hysterical."

We bet you're thinking, 'Wait, didn't all of those guys work out like maniacs to get movie-worthy six packs?' They often did, creating a workout plan with a celebrity trainer and a strict nutrition plan. "We're laying muscle down on them, and they're eating so much food," Dr. Goglia explains. "Some of these celebrities eat more than 6,000 calories a day just to lay down that muscle." 6,000 calories!

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It's so much food that sometimes Dr. Goglia would get texts from his famous clients that said, "I’m stuffed man! Are you sure I can eat all this?" But the nutritionist does a lipid profile assessment of all of his clients to ensure that to gain muscle or body fat or lose it, depending on their specific goals, they are doing so "in the healthiest way possible with no caloric restriction." As in, yes, they can -- and need -- to eat all that food.


Sometimes, though, a celeb has a red carpet premiere or big event in a week. In those cases, famous faces get sent to what Dr. Goglia calls "food jail."

"It's mostly protein and veggies to suck down quick," he explains. If "food jail" is longer than a week, there is a high-calorie splurge night at the end of the week, but for the most part, it's fish, tomatoes, cucumbers and … Preparation H.

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You read that right -- Preparation H. "It's a shrinker… a little under your eyes, a little under your abs. It's a body builder trick." That and a salt bath to "suck the water out," and Dr. Goglia says those celebs are red carpet ready! This is either gross or genius -- it's hard to tell.


So how does the average person make a plan like Dr. Goglia's work for them? A lot of planning and discipline!

1. Eat Smart: The important thing for any metabolic type, especially when they want to lose weight, is to eat smart. That means whole foods but avoiding yeast, mold, gluten, refined sugars and dairy.

"Stay away from breads, muffins, bagels -- anything inflammatory -- and focus on one-ingredient starches like potatoes, yams, sweet potatoes, corn, oatmeal, oat flakes and oat puffs," he explains. "The one ingredient guys, those are your buddies to consume during the day. Not a night -- it's an energy source food."

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2. Avoid Dairy at All Costs: Take note of Dr. Goglia's dairy recommendation -- it's basically his least favorite food group. "If you took 20 of the best athletes in the world, lined them up and said, 'I came here to take your dairy order,’ you wouldn’t get one," he reveals. "No one eats dairy. It’s like eating moderately hard phlegm." Oh, delightful!

3. Snack Healthy: "The best are fruit and twelve almonds, or fruit and a tablespoon of nut butter so there's almond butter," Dr. Goglia recommends. "Almonds are a great fat source."

4. Plan Ahead: "You can forecast your food program for your week," Dr. Goglia says. "So you say, OK, well, I'm either going to cook this, pre-cook it and set it aside in Tupperware in my fridge or I'll go to a place like Gelson's or Whole Foods or Bristol Farms where you can go to the deli section and the meats are already pre-cooked. And then you can manage it right out of their deli section. Say, 'Hey, give me eight ounces of salmon. And I need four of them. Or, 'Give me four chicken breasts. Place them in separate containers for me. I need three pounds of sliced turkey, but as you give me that sliced turkey, at every four ounce mark, lay a piece of deli paper over it for me, so I know what four ounces is.' And then you're prepared. So you roll your four ounces of sliced turkey into a wrap. And it's not sexy, but its lunch."

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As for the costs of Dr. Goglia's services, the first one-hour session is $595. A second visit is $365, and weekly sessions for follow-ups and lab work are $90 each. Every body is different, so it could take one person three months to get a plan down and another person a year. Dr. Goglia's goal is to get people to be able to eat healthy for their body types on their own.

The important thing? Dr. Goglia says, “Stay on top of it!”

Advice noted!

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