Watch a Happy Kanye West Turn Sad in an Instant!

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Kanye West's emotions can change in a flash.

The rapper was at the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls game on Sunday, and he was happily chatting with retired Bulls player Scottie Pippin. But that happiness quickly fades after he appears to spot a camera pointing in his direction.

In this unbelievable Vine video, West goes from happy to sad in just one second.

And we can't stop watching the emotional change!

After all, West has a reputation for not smiling. In January, for instance, he even told the audience at The Daily Front Row's Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards why he doesn't show off those pearly whites.

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"Back when I was working on Yeezus, I saw this book from the 1800s and it was velvet-covered with brass and everything. I looked at all these people's photos and they look so real and their outfits were incredible and they weren't smiling," he told the crowd. "The paparazzi, always come up to me, 'Why you not smiling?' and I think, not smiling makes me smile… When you see paintings in an old castle, people are not smiling cause it just wouldn't look as cool."

So maybe he's just trying to play it cool?

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West did end up giving a cool performance of his hit "All Day" during a break in the game.

And while Kim Kardashian's significant other made some fans happy, the real sadness was felt by Bulls fans as their team lost by just two points!

Check out the video below to see Kanye West "extremely happy" with Kim Kardashian.

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