EXCLUSIVE: Dane Cook Permanently Banned From the Laugh Factory, Source Says

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It's no laughing matter.

A source exclusively tells ET that comedian Dane Cook has been permanently banned from the Laugh Factory after years of performing at the famed standup club in Hollywood, Calif.

According to the source, the 43-year-old comedian used vulgar, offensive language towards a waitress. When he was approached by the owner, his attitude got even worse, and the two subsequently got into an argument. Cook allegedly told the owner, "I own this place!"

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The owner did not laugh this one off as he showed Cook who really does own the establishment by banning him from ever performing there again. However, Cook's bio can still be seen on the Laugh Factory's website.

Cook has been a regular at the Laugh Factory for several years and made it his home base to work on new material. Known for breaking records, on April 10, 2007, he set the factory's endurance record by performing on stage for three hours and 50 minutes. Although fellow comedian Dave Chappelle broke that record five days later, Cook made history there again by performing on stage for seven straight hours on Jan. 1, 2008.

Meanwhile, Cook will continue to perform at other clubs, including the Hollywood Improv.

ET has reached out to Cook's reps, and they have yet to respond.

Check out the video below to see Dane Cook weigh in on SNL.