Did ABC Miss the Mark With Its Bill Cosby Interview?

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Good Morning America's Linsey Davis sat down with Bill Cosby for his first TV interview addressing the sexual misconduct allegations that have been plaguing him since last year, but the one-on-one left some questioning if Davis went too easy on Cosby.

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"It's very upsetting of course," Cosby actress Lili Bernard told ET. Bernard made claims against Cosby that he raped her. "It's shaming and blaming, and we have enough trauma to deal with -- the reality of what we endured."

Now there are 34 women who claim that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them. In the interview, Davis asked the embattled comedian how he planned to respond to children who may ask about these allegations against him. "Are you prepared for the backlash if a young person comes up to you and says my mom said you did some bad things?" she inquired. "How will you answer that if they are pressing you?"

"I'm not sure that they will come like that," he said. "I think that many of them say, 'Well, you're a hypocrite. You say one thing, you say the other.' My point is ...I'm telling you where the road is out. ...Do you wanna go here or do you wanna be concerned as to who is giving you the message?"

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Attorney Gloria Allred told ET that the interview simply "didn't work."

"His answers about the women are incomprehensible," she told ET.

"Questions were asked about the only thing anybody cared about, but they were asked in sort of a side door way," media expert Bill Carter told ET. "They weren't directed and they weren't followed up on."

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By Cosby's side during the interview were members of an Alabama charity. The comedian marched across Selma's Edmund Pettus Bridge -- a landmark of the Civil Rights Movement.

"What I see him doing with these good people present is using them to serve as his smokescreen," Bernard said.

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Cosby has denied all allegations made by these women and has not been criminally charged.