3 Signs That Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Are Back Together

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Are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield officially back on?!

After going on a break in April following a three year relationship, the evidence is mounting that The Amazing Spider-Man co-stars-that couldn't are now together once again! Here are three clues that the break is over. 

First up, the 26-year-old actress brought the parents of Andrew, 31, to a special screening of her new movie Aloha in London on May 16! They even shared an introductory kiss, which ET’s camera were there to catch.

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After that screening, Emma told ET that she brought her "mom, and a couple of good, good, friends."

Now, while "good, good, friends" doesn't necessarily mean "future in-laws," it's safe not to rule it out!

Moving on! According to E! News, an eye-witness spotted the former couple looking happy and holding hands together inside the California restaurant Malibu Farm.

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Let's take a minute to process this.

Now to the third and possibly most damning piece of evidence -- this bag.


Emma was spotted carrying this bag, labeled "Andrew Garfield," in late April. Now, we don't know about you, but it's not everyday we walk around carrying around bags with our exes name on it. Even if it's just a bag of his things, you wouldn't write "Andrew Garfield" on it! You'd write something like "Human Garbage," or "Basically Dog Food," or  "Objectively Worse Spider-Man Than Tobey Maguire."

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Now, could they just be good friends? WELL MAYBE SURE. But let us ask you one question -- do you not miss this?

What about this?

Or especially THIS...

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Believe in something. Believe in Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's love.

Now, watch this video below of our best moments with Emma Stone that prove she's basically just the best of all time.