Streaming in June: 'Grace of Monaco,' 'Seinfeld' & 6 Other Highlights


May is almost over -- seriously, just one week left! -- and that
means a whole new slate of entertainment is coming to your favorite streaming
services in June.

Hulu and Netflix continue to add to their plethora of
offerings going up each month and new to the bunch is HBO Now, which has a few highlights
of its own.

ETonline sifted through the latest choices to bring you nine
films and TV shows we’re definitely adding to our queue:

1. Ben Affleck Double

While HBO Now will stream True Detective season two as each episode premieres starting June
21, we’re most excited about a Ben Affleck double feature. Armageddon, the 1998 asteroid blockbuster, joins at the beginning
of the month. But hold off until June 20, when Affleck’s penis makes a notable
in Gone Girl. Both flicks
are perfect for a Saturday night in when it’s too hot to go out.

2. Danger Mouse: Complete Series

We love when a good cartoon makes its way to Netflix. The ‘80s
comedy has long been missed outside of occasional pop culture references. With
all 10 seasons joining Netflix on June 15, it’s time to relive a time when
cartoons were actually good!

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3. Grace of Monaco

A year after it was famously booed at the Cannes Film
Festival, Nicole Kidman’s Grace Kelly biopic makes its way to television. It will
first premiere on Lifetime -- congrats, Nicole! You’re a star of a Lifetime TV
-- and then quickly find its way on Netflix starting June 8.

4. Nightcrawler

If you missed Jake Gyllenhaal’s twisted turn as Louis Bloom
in Nightcrawler, now’s your chance to
catch up on the neo-noir thriller. There’s a reason awards season honored the
actor with acting nominations for a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild. The
film debuts online June 10.

5. Orange Is the New Black

Starting June 12, the hit Netflix original series returns
for a third season -- and plenty of new drama. Joining the cast this year is
model Ruby Rose as a seductive new inmate who is sure to mess with the Litchfield’s
precious eco-system of inmates and guards.

6. Seinfeld

OK, who isn’t excited about Seinfeld coming to Hulu on June 24?! It’s the streaming service’s
biggest acquisition, but it is well worth it. Now fans -- who don’t already own
the series on DVD—can rewatch their favorite moments over and over again. And
by favorite moments, we mean Elaine’s dancing. Julia Louis-Dreyfus forever!

7. Sense8

Did you see the first trailer for the Wachowskis’ new, international
Netflix thriller? If not, watch now. We’ll wait. Seriously, this show looks
amazing -- and we need it following the film dud that was Jupiter Ascending. The show debuts online on June 5.

8. Wedding Crashers

Don’t ever forget that Vince Vaughn was a funny man first. One
of the actor’s biggest hits was the 2005 comedy co-starring Owen Wilson and
Rachel McAdams -- oh hey, a True
season two pre-union. It starts streaming on HBO Now June 1.