Angelina Jolie Reveals Her Favorite Star Wars Character

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When it comes to Star Wars, it looks like Angelina Jolie might lean towards the Dark Side!

The 40-year-old (happy birthday!) actress interviewed 32-year-old Irish actor Domnhall Gleeson -- who starred in Angelina Jolie's Unbroken, and now has an unknown role in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens -- and wound up revealing her own favorite character to be none other than Boba Fett!

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Jolie asked the actor about the Star Wars sequel in Interview Magazine, where he was tight-lipped, but did give some insight on working on the film.

"I enjoyed it for the reasons that you enjoy any film, that people were together, and that it was actually challenging," Gleeson said. "I like a challenge. I was more of an Indiana Jones kid than a Star Wars kid."

"I'm personally a Boba Fett fan," Jolie replied. "Can Boba Fett have a missus? Well, put in a good word for me, then."

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As Gleeson pointed out, casting the Oscar winner in any way to the Star Wars franchise can probably be arranged!

"Well, you make a phone call and I'm pretty sure, Angie, that they'll have you in, in a second," he said.

However, Jolie pointed out that, these days, she'd much rather be behind the camera than in front of it. And in fact, she's known that for some time now.

"My mom always wanted me to be an actor. And I started going to theater and going on auditions young," she said. "I only realized about five years ago that I actually didn't want to be an actor."

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"I grew up with my career being thrust upon me," she continued. "It took me a long time to believe that I could do more than that one aspect of our business."

Jolie's latest turn in the director's chair, By the Sea, hits theaters November 13, and finds her in front of the camera as well with none other than her hubby, Brad Pitt.

Meanwhile, Star Wars : Episode VII - The Force Awakens premieres a little over a month later on Dec. 18.  

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And it looks like Jolie is in luck! The second Disney standalone Star Wars film will reportedly focus on everyone's favorite bounty hunter! Watch the video below for details.