Everything Chris Pratt Is Sorry For on the 'Jurassic World' Press Tour, As Promised

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Sorry not sorry, Chris Pratt continues to be the best!

Prior to setting out on his big Jurassic World press tour, Pratt adorably pre-apologized "for whatever it is I end up accidentally saying." It wasn't a bad idea given that the Guardians of the Galaxy star's fellow Marvel superheroes were having to apologize for their missteps on the Avengers press tour.

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"I'm sure I've already offended some people," Pratt told ET during the press junket for the movie, in theaters June 12. "It's hard not to unless you just stick to the boring talking points. If you're trying to have fun and lighten these things up you tend to say things that could be taken out of context."

With that being said, we played a game of #sorry or #sorrynotsorry with Pratt in which we showed him some of his Instagram posts and he had to decide whether he was #sorry or #sorrynotsorry.

1. The Bidet

Verdict: #sorrynotsorry

"That's a bidet? I think it's a sink," Pratt joked. "It's a sink they keep just across from you as you're pooping so you can wash your hands and face and I kind of get that all done at the same time."

2. Fruit Bowl With the Toe

Verdict: #sorry

"Doesn't that just look so appetizing?" Pratt kidded. "I'm not super flexible and I had been away from my wife [Anna Faris] for like two weeks at that point. She helps me clip my toes. I can't do it on my own."

3. I Heart BJ

Verdict: #sorrynotsorry

"It says 'I love Beijing,'" Pratt said. "And I do."

4. Legislator Who Looks Like Kevin Spacey

Verdict: #sorry

"I'm sorry because Kevin Spacey is a real human being and maybe he saw that and was like, 'Screw you!'" Pratt said. "But I guess it's cool because he's a member of the House of Lords. That's a pretty awesome thing. Kevin Spacey is a terrific actor and if he took offense, I'm sorry, but I hope that he didn't."

Jurassic World is in theaters June 12.